The importance of local commerce in social causes

When we think of local commerce, the first image that comes to mind is that of the family business that has been there for decades, providing unique, quality products and services. However, beyond tangible goods, local commerce plays an essential role in the defense and promotion of various social causes in our community. How? We tell you about it below.

Strengthening the Local Economy

By supporting local commerce, we are injecting money directly into our city’s economy. This cycle of local reinvestment strengthens our community and consequently provides more opportunities to address social issues on our own doorstep, from education to housing.

2. Generation of Direct Employment

Local businesses are a primary source of employment. By keeping them alive and healthy, we ensure that they remain pillars of job creation, enabling more people to have a decent life and reducing problems such as inequality and poverty.

3. Support for Specific Social Causes

ACMO, for example, is not only an association that seeks to promote commerce; it is an entity that firmly believes in promoting Orihuela as a whole. This broader vision leads local retailers to get involved in specific causes, either by organizing fundraising campaigns or supporting community projects.

4. Direct Link with the Community

Local merchants are more than vendors; they are neighbors, friends and an integral part of our community. This direct connection means they are in a unique position to understand and respond to the specific social needs of the community, acting quickly and effectively.

5. Promotion of Local Values and Culture

Local businesses reflect the culture and values of our community. By supporting them, we are preserving these traditions and ensuring that future generations will have a strong sense of identity and belonging.


Beyond the obvious economic benefits, supporting local commerce has a profound and lasting impact on our society. ACMO and its more than 200 associated entrepreneurs are living witnesses of how, together, we can make a real difference in Orihuela. By choosing to buy locally, you are not only getting a product or service, you are investing in the future and well-being of your community.

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