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With regard to the information required regarding the requirements relating to informed consent for the use of cookies in the terms of Article 22.2 of Law 34/2002, of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI) in relation to Article 13 RGPD and Article 11 of the LOPD 3/2018 is offered in the Cookies Policy the ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCERS OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF ORIHUELA (ACMO)informs you that the cookies that installs. are exempt from informed consent. Excepted from compliance with the obligations established in Article 22.2 of the LSSI are cookies used only to allow communication between the user’s computer and the network or those that strictly provide a service expressly requested by the user. Understanding that the necessary cookies are excluded from the scope of application of Article 22.2 of the LSSI not being necessary to inform or obtain consent on its use (“Guide on the use of cookies” published in July 2020 by the AEPD and Opinion 4/2012 on the exemption from the requirement of consent of cookies published by the WG29). informs you that web browsing will only involve the installation of necessary temporary session cookies, which are used for session identification.

However, contains links to third party websites that may install cookies according to their own cookie and privacy policies (e.g. Facebook button, Instagram, Whatsapp…) that you can decide whether or not to accept when accessing them.

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